The geometrical objects, which the philosopher Plato assigned to 5 elements, are photographed in certain landscapes, partly worked with graphic techniques, and thus to “Platonic Landscapes”. The path from the idea to the image is an intuitive process.

Due to the external conditions, an installation of the objects can never be exactly planned, which is the fascination of the work. The images and objects are intended to encourage the viewer to rest and clarity. Dialogue, art as part of everyday life, is a concern for the artist, who describes herself as a “modern alchemist”.

The picture formats are available from check card size to monumental as unique pieces or in exclusive limits. The 3D sculptures and pictures (renderings) are digitally modeled by hand, the sculptures are always implemented in different sizes in SLS 3D printing and are therefore unique.
The geometrical objects are also possible as permanent installations in the public space, gladly on request.