Dodecahedron Pin


DodecaArt Pin No. 1 in limited edition 100 pieces. The Dodecahedron, the five edge-cube, is the
most perfect of the Platonic bodies. The philosopher Plato ordered the dodecahedron because of
his aesthetics not for an earthly element, but for the ether.

The alchemist symbol “Ouroboros” is a serpent biting into its own tail, which stands for infinity, eternity. The snake-dodecahedra is the combination of modern spiritual alchemy, a symbol of the transformation of matter into infinity, based on the philosophy of Plato.





     High-quality 3D embossing, diameter approx. 1.7 cm.
     Limited edition of 100 pieces with signature of the artist in
     Clear box with certificate.
     Price for 1 pin: 15 Euro incl. Shipping as letter

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