Digitally Hand Crafted

3D Art – Digitally hand-modeled

The 3D visual or print, like the manual creation of a material object, precedes the artistic idea and the modeling.

The 3D works are digitally modeled by hand with special, elaborate 3D programs, so to say from a virtual clump of clay or a virtual stone. I do not use 3D scans or figures from a generator.
Compared to a sculptor’s work, CAD modeling is the digital tool for the computer. Without imagination, craftsmanship and technical skills, no art object could be created even in the most modern technology. The modeled 3D objects are either printed or rendered, as a three-dimensional object in 3D laser sintering process or are generated two-dimensionally as image / C printing.

Due to 3D printing, the object is not a mass product.

Although a 3D sculpture can be reproduced as often as desired – the printing process is too time-intensive and too expensive with a few hours per object and is therefore only suitable for single objects or limited editions.